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In order to promote micro entrepreneurship, uplift the living standard of rural people and support with a helping hand at times of difficulty; JBS introduces various types of loan products for its members. To be more specific, JBS has been providing loans on three different categories. They are;

Entrepreneurship Development Loan

The Entrepreneurship Development Loan is the direct loan provided to the members of JBS to help start-ups, micro-enterprises and expand small businesses. It is aimed at creating employment for own self as well as others.

1.General Loan

The general loan is provided to group members without any collateral. The loan size ranges from Rs. 10,000 to Rs. 200,000. The loan installment and duration will depend on the size of the loan. The size of the loan will be increased to those members who have utilized other loan with good repayment performance.

2.Domestic Self Employment Loan

DSE loan is provided with a view to promote the entrepreneurial skills of the members. It helps them to establish their own projects like poultry, hotels, fishery farming, cattle rising, small workshops, shops, etc. for bringing a significant change in their economic status. A maximum loan of Rs. 1,000,000 is granted to the members depending upon the necessity and ability to pay as well as the previous payment behaviors.

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Social Development Loan

With the objective of developing the educational skill and uplifting the living standard of people of rural communities, JBS offers Social Development Loan at comparatively lower interest rates.

1.Education Loan

Members who have a good track record of loan repayment are eligible to take education loan for the technical education of their children up to Rs.700,000. The duration of the loan is five years.


2.Housing Loan

Only building a house is not sufficient. There are various necessities like electricity, cooking gas or stove, fresh water, sanitation etc. associated with it. Jeevan Bikas Microfinance introduces housing loan targeting at those people who wish to own a house house but can’t dare to afford the risk at once. The loan is provided without any collateral at a relatively lower interest rate. Under this topic, one can apply for the following loans;

  • Home Loan: The housing loan may involve loan for either constructing a new house or repairing and maintenance of existing house. Loan size will range from Rs. 10,000 to Rs. 400,000.
  • habitat
  • Safe Drinking Water: With a message of clean water to every single community for healthy life, the loan for Safe Drinking Water of Rs. 10,000 is offered to the members for easy access to clean and fresh water in the rural area.
  • Sanitation Loan: Inorder to encourage healthy sanitation habits and promote the Eastern Region as Defecation Free Zone, JBS has been offering sanitation loan of Rs.10,000. This has motivated the rural people to build a toilet at their own house and feel reputed in the society.
  • Loan for Light: To make light easily accessible for the poor and low incomed people, JBS facilitates its members with Loan for Light at comparatively lower interest rate.
  • Solar Energy Loan: The Solar Loan is basically provided for a range of solar products from     20 watt to 150 watt. The loan size ranges from Rs. 10,000 to Rs. 60,000 based on the type or watt of solar. It has become a boon for many houses who can light their house in the dark at much affordable price.
  • Electrical Energy Loan: The poor people who want to connect electric grid at their house but don’t have enough money for it can apply for this type of loan. An amount of Rs. 5,000 is provided as loan which can be paid in small installments.
  • Loan for Efficient Cooking Solution: In order to make cooking much simpler and less expensive, JBS presents Loan for Efficient Cooking Solution for its members.
  • Biogas Loan: In-order to promote clean energy, biogas loan is provided to the members who own cow or buffalo at their home. This includes Rs.30,000 loan for household purpose and Rs. 60,000 for commercial purpose.biogas
  • ICS (Improved Cook Stove) Loan: The ICS loan is aimed at the people who still cook using wood or cow dung cakes as fuel in traditional mud made stoves. The loan size ranges from Rs. 5,000 for household purpose and Rs. 10,000 for commercial purpose in hotels and restaurants.

1.Emergency Loan

Emergency loan is provided to the members during the time of any urgency or crisis of money for medical purpose, family celebration occasions, death, accident, marriage, hospitalization, etc. The maximum amount of the loan is Rs. 20,000 and it’s provided without any collateral. The duration of payment is one year.