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The remittance service is operated throughout all the branches of JBS. This service facilitates the local people to collect their remittance amount from the nearby branch offices of JBS. JBS has always been determinant to provide quick and reliable remittance service through the collaboration with different banks and remittance agencies. They are listed below;

 SN Remittance Product Domestic/ International
1 Western Union International
2 Siddhartha Remit International
3 CG Remit Domestic
4 JME Remit International
5 Himal Remit Domestic/International
6 SDBL Remit Domestic
7 Samsara Money Transfer International
8 Suryoday Remit Domestic
9 Sanima Express Domestic
10 Reliable Remit Domestic/International
11 Easy Link Remit International
12 Sewa Remit Domestic/International
13 Prabhu Remit Domestic/International
14 Sulabh Remit Domestic/International
15 Mega Remit Domestic
16 Kumari Remit Domestic/International
17 Citizen’s Remit Domestic
18 City Express Domestic/International