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Jeevan Bikas Vocational Training Center was established in 15th April 2015 with a view to promote technical education and vocational training system. The Training Centre is committed for the production of technical and skillful human resources. The objective remains to enhance skills of the trainees, increase self-reliance and promote opportunities for earning a livelihood. There is 50% discount in the total fees for the family members of JBS. Either educated or non-educated or semiskilled or non-skilled, JBVTC builds the platform for being independent and doing something for own self. It is concerned with basic and middle level technical education and vocational training. The Training Centre is now running the 8th batch of training class. During the FY 2014/15, fifty- one trainees have been certified by JBVTC. The various subjects on which CTEVT has provided affiliation for the training are presented below;

  • Community Agriculture Assistant (390 Credit hour)
  • Mason (390 Credit hour)
  • Community Livestock Assistant (390 Credit hour)
  • Plumber (390 Credit hour)
  • Computer Repair & Maintenance Technician (390 Credit hour)
  • Solar PV Technician (460 Credit hour)
  • Refrigerator and AC Mechanic (390 Credit hour)
  • General Cook (390 Credit hour)
  • Waiter/waitress (390 Credit hour)
  • Mobile Phone Repairer (390 Credit hour)
  • Montessorian (390 Credit hour)

The details of the certified trainees in the FY 2014/15 are mentioned in the table below;

S.N Training Course No. No. of Trainees employed in JBS
1 Montessorian 15 2
2 Computer Repair & Maintenance Technician 30 21
3 Solar PV Technician 6 2