Youth Microfinance Interaction Program, Karshiya

Jeevan Bikas Samaj organized a day “Youth Microfinance Interaction Program” at Sharada Higher Secondary School in Karshiya on 18 November 2016. Altogether 31 people participated in the program including the teachers, students, guardians and members of the management committee of Sharada School as well as the staffs of JBS. At the starting of the program, ISD Chief and Senior Manager of JBS Mr. Damodar Regmi gave a brief introduction on JBS and its contribution towards the rural and underprivileged people through various community development programs in the field of health, education, agriculture, affordable housing and clean energy. Focusing on the objective of the program he showed his displeasure in the deteriorating condition of status of girls in the society.  Inorder to motivate girls to move forward and build their own identity, in coordination with Spring JBS has come forward with the concept of Youth Microfinance where the girls will be provided additional opportunities to prove themselves. They will be provided financial literacy training, technical training adding to knowledge of the guardians’ profession, career counseling facilities, training on health issues and effective care and much more practical knowledge beneficial in the day to day life.
Towards the end, there was an interaction session where the participants asked several questions;
  1. How can the students take education loan? (Through guardians’ citizenship card)
  2. Aren’t the interest rates a bit higher than the private banks? (Loan interest rate vary from 16%-20% and the loan are not huge amount like in banks. It basically starts from Rs. 10,000. )
  3. How can girls arrange money for saving purpose? (Cutting off their unnecessary expenses from pocket money)
  4. Is the program all about saving money? (Technical expertise of girls in essential fields, career confusion solving, etc.)
The Management Committee member Mr. Sanjay Rajbanshi formally closed the program. In his ending speech he mentioned how rejoiced the school faculties were to be a part of the program. He hoped that the program will be beneficial to make the girls more proficient, create awareness and technical knowledge in several fields along with the habit of saving for a safe and secure tomorrow.