Youth Microfinance Interaction Program, Kadmaha

Jeevan Bikas Samaj organized a day “Youth Microfinance Interaction Program” at Jeevan Bikas Public School, Kadmaha on 25 November 2016. More than 30 participants including the teachers, students, guardians and members of the management committee of JBPS and staffs of JBS attended the program. Mr. Ajay K. Mandal, principal of JBPS was the chairperson and ISD Chief and Senior Manager of JBS Mr. Damodar Regmi was chief guest for the program. Highlighting the main idea of the program Mr. Damodar Regmi cleared that through financial literacy, saving habit, career counseling and vocational training we can eventually increase girls’ participation in school that will finally help in lessening school dropouts and early marriage which is the ultimate goal of the Youth Microfinance Program. He also proposed at developing of app and providing education loan for attaining higher education.
Later solving the queries of the participants, Mr. Damodar Regmi unfolded the following facts.
1. How will the children learn about planned saving? (Through accounts, book keeping knowledge that we are going to give)
2. Why to save money in JBS when there are plenty of other saving institutions? (Interest rate is comparatively higher i.e 6%-12% where others give 2%-6%).
At the end of the program, Director Mr. Prem K. Mandal & Principal Mr. Ajay K. Mandal, welcomed the concept of the program saying that capacity development skills at a younger age helps the adolescent girls to be more competent, skilled, capable and financially secured.