• Youth Microfinance Interaction Program, Kadmaha

    Jeevan Bikas Samaj organized a day “Youth Microfinance Interaction Program” at Jeevan Bikas Public School, Kadmaha on 25 November 2016. More than 30 participants including the teachers, students, guardians and members of the management committee of JBPS and staffs of JBS attended the program. Mr. Ajay K. Mandal, principal of JBPS was the chairperson and ISD Chief and Senior Manager of JBS Mr. Damodar Regmi was chief guest for the program. Highlighting the main idea of the program Mr. Damodar Regmi cleared that through financial literacy, saving habit, career counseling and vocational training we can eventually increase girls’ participation in school that will finally help in lessening school dropouts and early marriage which is the ultimate goal of the Youth Microfinance Program. He also proposed at developing of app and providing education loan for attaining higher education.
    Later solving the queries of the participants, Mr. Damodar Regmi unfolded the following facts.
    1. How will the children learn about planned saving? (Through accounts, book keeping knowledge that we are going to give)
    2. Why to save money in JBS when there are plenty of other saving institutions? (Interest rate is comparatively higher i.e 6%-12% where others give 2%-6%).
    At the end of the program, Director Mr. Prem K. Mandal & Principal Mr. Ajay K. Mandal, welcomed the concept of the program saying that capacity development skills at a younger age helps the adolescent girls to be more competent, skilled, capable and financially secured.

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  • JBS Exposure Visit to Kenya 2016

    JBS organized an exposure visit to Kenya from 3rd to 12th September 2016. The management team of JBS participated in the exposure visit program. The main objective of the visit was to acquire deep knowledge on Kenyan Microfinance Industry, Mobile Banking System, Agent Banking, Data Center Management and Server Security and Maintenance. In the course, the team visited Central Bank of Kenya, Association of Micro Finance Institution, Kenya Commercial Bank, Faulu Bank, Kenya Women’s Finance Trust, Safaricom and AFRACA. JBS keeps in touch with the latest trended technologies so as to make the financial intervention process much easier and accessible to the poor. The team visited the Governer of Central Bank of Kenya Dr. Patrick Ngugi Njoroge where he shared his experience on the success of mobile banking in Kenya.




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  • From Worker to Employer: A story of Industry and Entrepreneurship

    “God helps those who help themselves”, seems perfectly germane if we dig into the life of Khursida Khatun. Khursida Khatun is active member of JBS since last 2 years. She had acquired membership of JBS before eight years, albeit due to some financial reasons she had to withdraw from the membership. She has a family of 5 members consisting of Mr and Mrs Khatun, and three daughters. She proudly owns a slipper factory that employs around 5-15 happily remunerated workers (commensurate to the market demand).

    Half a decade ago, she along with her husband was working as general workers or labors in the factory, which actually was owned by her elder brother. At that time, the factory was struggling to meet up with the market demands, when she took over the ownership of factory after buying it at Rs 800,000. Her previous experiences concerning factory’s working procedures enabled her to meticulously handle all fluctuations in the supply/demand and labour activities.

    Notwithstanding the impedances, at present, she is an exemplary and successful entrepreneur. She almost singlehandedly runs the whole business setup. Her husband aids her in marketing activities. They have divided the workload into viz. factory work and market work, among each other. They sell (1000-7000) slippers per month corresponding to the market demand. According to her, she keeps a profit margin of Rs (20-30) on each slipper sale.

    Almost everything in her factory is reliant on hand dexterity of workers. IMAG3899[1]She imported the workers from India, thereby circumventing the adversities of high wage and querulous behaviour; one has to encounter with local labour. She compensates her workers with handsome amount of Rs 15,000-20,000/worker per month, proportionate to their productivity. She visits Kolkata, twice or thrice every month to bring raw materials. Trading with Kolkata is cheaper and undemanding in comparison to other places.  Moreover, she pays a house rent of around Rs 10,000 on monthly basis.

    She has internalized the sentiment of women empowerment in her family by catalyzing the bubbling passion of studying among her daughters. One of her daughter is pursuing CA degree in Kolkata while another daughter is enrolled in a nursing college in Bangalore. Her youngest one is 7th Grader in KVM.

    To sum up, Mrs Khatun is an ingenious member of JBS, a booming entrepreneur, open-handed employer and a loving mother/wife who galvanizes every member and her employees as well to work hard and pave the path to glorious future.

    Author- Raj Uprety

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  • Prize Distribution Ceremony 2016

    Jeevan Bikas Samaj organized “Prize Distribution Ceremony 2016” on Saturday August 13th 2016, at Training Hall, Headoffice, Katahari-1. The award ceremony was presided over by Executive Director, Mr. Yogendra Mandal by lighting the ceremonious lamp. Joint Secretary, Mr. Rajendra Uprety, DADO; Information Officer, Mr. Mahendra Khadka, District Development Committee; Team Leader, Mr. Fani Lal Chaudhary, UNNATI A2F; Dr. Bal Kumar Khatri, Birat Eye Hospital and Chief Officer, Mr. Vivekananda Jha, Nepal Krishi Company were the guests for the ceremony whose esteemed presence added strength to the atmosphere.

    The most desirable and competent staffs were honored with the awards for the Best Area Incharge, Branch Office, Branch Incharge, Field Staff, Office Helper, Social Work, Support Staff as well as Branch Incharge and Field Staff (Urja) for their contribution to sustainable development and improving the lives of people in the rural area.

    Likewise, this year, the most prestigious award of JBS ‘The Jeevan Bikas Award’ was awarded to Mr. Dil Bahadur Bishwakarma. He has been serving as ambulance driver since 12 years. Without caring for time and handling every odd situation he had been passionate in his work and performed his responsibilities impressively.

    The list of awardees who were honored under various categories is given below;

    Best  Area Incharge Best Branch Office Best Branch Incharge Best Field Staff Best Office Helper
    RanjanaNiroula          (Tankisinwari) Simariya Gyani Chaudhary (Itahara)

    Sabita Rajbanshi           (Amahi)

    Surya Narayan Mandal (Headoffice)
    Mahadev Prasad Singh(Ramchowk) Rani Rajani Bhagat (Biratnagar) Tridev Mandal (Dharan) Yuvaraj Majhi (Ram Chowk)
    Nimka Lal Rajbanshi (Birtamod) Chakmake Singheswar Mandal  (Sindhuli) Shiva Charan Mandal       (Damak) Shiv Narayan Uraw (Ittabhatta)

    Jeevan Bikas Award                      :   Dil Bahadur Bishwakarma

    Best Social Performance Award    :   Chhitaha Branch

    Best Supporting Staff                   :   Rajana Shrestha

    Best Clean Energy Performance Award- 

    Branch Incharge                           : Rajani Bhagat

    Field Staff                                    :  Amit Kumar Mandal

    Executive Director and Chairperson of JBS Mr. Yogendra Mandal formally ended the program by thanking the entire JBS family for their overwhelming participation and inspiring performance.




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