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To make health services easily accessible at affordable cost, JBS has established a company named Jeevan Bikas Public Health Center at Katahari-1, Morang.

Jeevan Bikas Public Health Center

Jeevan Bikas Public Health Center (JBPHC) is situated at Katahari-1, Morang. It started its operation from 15 December, 2013 with a view to provide basic health service to the rural people at affordable cost. It has been providing General OPD as well as Specialists’ services. It also facilitates its patients with a modern X-Ray, Video X-Ray and Pathology lab service.

The center assumes great responsibility for each and every patient. Therefore, the model of care and treatment it provides involves individualized treatment, consultation and services to meet the patients’’ unique needs – because no two patients are ever alike. It is coordinated with Birat Aspatal Pvt. Ltd. to provide better and cost effective health services to its staffs, members and their families as well. The patients who are referred by the doctors of JBPHC get the same discount in Birat Medical College too which they can enjoy here. This has led to gradual increase in the flow of patients. JBPHC believes that everyone in our community deserves the finest healthcare and it’s committed towards achieving its principle.


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Medical Store
Digitalized Pathology Lab
Digitalized X-Ray
Dental OPD
General OPD
USG (Video X-Ray)
Dermatologist Specialist
Orthopedic Specialist
ENT (Ear, Nose, Throat) Specialist
General Surgery
Health Camp
Physician Service
Eye Camp
Pediatric Specialist
Gyne Service

24 hour Emergency Service







Jeevan Bikas Pharmacy

To provide adequate medicine service on logical rate, Jeevan Bikas Samaj has established a pharmacy.  This medical store has been providing different medicine and vitamins referred by the doctor of Jeevan Bikas Public Health Center. It has been providing special discount for JBS member. At the end of FY 2014/15, the no. of patients served by the pharmacy is 4,040.


Jeevan Bikas Ambulance Service

Jeevan Bikas Samaj (JBS) started its ambulance service since June 2003 when the Embassy of India granted, which is providing service at rural area far east from Biratnagar city.  The ambulance is operating its services from Karshiya branch office of JBS which is 16 km. far from Biratnagar city. It has been providing emergency services for the southeast part of the Nepal and border side area of India.  JBS has given priorities those areas for ambulance services which are generally ignored by other organization. We have targeted the areas which lie in remote part or basically dominated hinterland far away from the city. During the FY 2014/15, it has been able to provide service to 593 patients. There is special discount on the charge for the JBS members.