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A Real Biography of Sangita

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A Real Biography of Sangita

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My name is Sangita Pariyar. At present, I’m studying final year of Staff Nurse. Eight years before when I got married, my husband used to work in a mobile repairing shop. It was very hard for me to run the family with the monthly salary of Rs. 3,000. Due to Poverty, I had to forget my dream for studying higher. Our daily life was running very hard. His income was not sufficient for the costly rent and daily needs. At times, I used to think of opening our own shop. But, we had no money to invest for opening the shop. There was no one to believe us for a single penny loan.

SangitaAs there is a saying, ‘Where there is a will there is a way” JBS came to fill colours to my dream. I came to know that JBS Belbari Branch is organizing a group meeting in our own village. I liked the idea of getting the loan without collateral and various types of saving and insurance schemes. I became a member of Sishauli JBS Center No. 43. With the consent of my husband, I took a loan of Rs. 15,000 for opening a Mobile and TV Repairing Shop for the first time.

I started my own business from Rs. 15,000 by buying the parts of mobile and TV. The business went very well. Slowly we were able to meet our daily needs. At the same time, I came know that the entrance exam for Birat Health College is going to held soon. My dream for reading nursing became alive. I talked to my husband about it. He supported me. Luck was also in my favor. I got admission in scholarship quota and started again.

The business was in its path to progress. I took a loan of Rs. 35,000 and increased investment in the shop. Now we were able to save about Rs. 10,000 per month. My husband often used to tell that we should to tell that we should buy land. However, the land in Belbari was very expensive. Therefore, I never took him seriously. But suddenly one day, he astonished me by saying that he had saved up to Rs. two lakhs in these two years for buying land. We finally decided to take a loan of Rs. 100,000 from JBS and bought seven dhoor land in Rs. 300,000.

The shop was good source of income for us. So, we didn’t have any tension for paying the installments. I utilized the loan amount in right manner. So, I never feared from the loan. When we knew that the organization gives Domestic Self Employment (DSE) loan by keeping land as collateral, my husband suggested to take Rs. 400,000 loan for expanding the shop. I feared if we could not pay the principal and interest amount in time. However, my husband assured me. Ultimately, we took a DSE loan of Rs. 300,000 and bought dealership of Samsung mobile.

Now the shop looked big. The customers also started increasing. For controlling the crowd of customers, we employed a staff. We earned Rs. 30,000- 40,000 profit per month. There was no difficulty for paying the installments. I am very happy for my husband who once used to work in others’ shop and now is able to provide employment to other unemployed person.

I have never imagined even in my dream that I’ll be able to live in my own house. I took a housing loan of Rs. 90,000 and started building my own house. We had saved Rs. 300,000 till that time. Now, we didn’t have to bother about living in rent. We built a three-roomed cemented house, my dream house that I had never dared to imagine. The continuous support from JBS, our hard labor and honesty made it possible. I have my own house, big shop and good source of income. The way of looking of society has also changed. If JBS has not been there my dream, my dream would have never been fulfilled. Today I own lakhs of money but I can never forget that 15,000 which made my life alive once again. Now, I want to lead rest of my life by nursing the poor patients in hospital. To fulfill my dream I am continuing my studies with full determination and confidence. Hope, I will be able to accomplish this dream too.

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