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Case Study: Rina Giri

Case Studies

Rina was born as the daughter of father Awadhesh and mother Gita Devi in Hattisar-1, Morang in 2032 B.S. Her mother died when she was very young. Very soon after her mother’s demise, her father married another woman. Her worst days started since then. To remain protected from daily hard work and scolding of stepmother, Rina went to stay in her maternal home. In 2049 B.S. she was married to Pawan Giri, the only son of Janak and Laxmi Devi Giri at Sishwanijahada-1, Morang. In the name of property, Pawan had nothing but one roomed hut in Government land. The family was dependent upon the alms brought by her father-in-law Janak by begging. After marriage, Pawan continued his school for sometime but the family burden compelled him to leave his study. Discontinuing his studies at 6, he went to Delhi and Punjab for work.

According to Rina, Pawan bought a sari for the first time while working in Biratnagar Jute Mills for Rs. 600/ week wage. Through JBS Rina took a loan of Rs. 7,000 and opened a cycle repairing shop for Pawan in rent near her house at Ramchowk. In 2051 B.S., she gave birth to her first child Chadani. She became disappointed when her 8th child was also girl. Frustrated by the unkind remarks of her mother-in-law and sister-in-law for not having a son, Rina became so impious that she left worshiping and performing rituals of her favorite gods. They forced Pawan to get remarried but Pawan felt that it’s matter of fate and didn’t listen to them. After sometime, she once again became pregnant. She came to know from her friends that through video x-ray one could know the gender of the child in Itahari. Saving 100, 200 rupees from the daily expenses she collected Rs. 4,500 and went to Itahari for X-Ray. The doctor told that she had twin boys. Overwhelmed by the happiness, she forgot all her grief. She bought photo of God and sweets started worshiping God again. Feared by the death of her eighth child in the embryo, she didn’t want any risk so she went to Nobel Hospital and safely delivered twin sons.

In this way, she not only saved her infant babies’ life but also was able to bring her families happiness back. On the other hand, Pawan celebrated his happiness for 12 days by giving party of rum, beer, coke, fanta and cutting 4 goats for mutton as well. He married his both daughters by taking loan. Pawan alone had to look after the family of 7 children, wife and mother, carry out the expenses of his own treatment, medical expenses, daughter’s marriage loan and installment payment. Inspite of all these burdens, he had aim of sending his sons to boarding school and make them officers when they grow up.

However, God was against his will. An untimely demise of him due to high sugar not only took all his future dreams along with him but also left the whole family in darkness. The two-roomed house broke down to very worst condition. Instead of looking after the children and supporting them as a guardian, Rina’s mother-in-law also left the house. Due to poverty, Rina could not send her daughters to school and arrange food for them in proper time. All these miseries in life made her suffer a lot.

When Chadani, the eldest daughter of the family came to visit the family after her father’s death, she found that her younger sister was very ill. She requested her husband to take her to hospital for checkup. But in such hard time, her husband not only refused to take her to hospital but also left his wife and only daughter Sakshi there saying that he’s not her servant and threatened of doing remarriage. At present, both mother and daughter live with Rina. Chadani runs a small alcohol shop for supporting the family. By the help of income from Rina’s teashop and Chadani’s alcohol shop, Rina has been looking after the 10 members’ family. Since their house has broken down, now the ghumti bought by her husband for operating his cycle repair and maintenance shop  has become the residence for the family.

In this miserable condition, she was so lonely without any support. Then JBS came with a helping hand and made an effort to built a three-roomed residential house along with sanitation for the Giri family by the help of 52 staffs of Jeevan Bikas Samaj on 13 September 2015 at Sishwanjahada-1. To make the house a complete one, solar and improved cook stove was also installed in the house. Hearing that the family owns a well facilitated new house, Rina’s mother-in-law has also returned home. Now she spent her days by looking after the children and house. Due to this, Rina has enough time to concentrate on her business. She sells papad, pakouda and other light snacks along with tea. In this way, her income has also increased. In the mean time, Chadani’s husband also came and took his wife and daughter to their own home. The children have started to continue their school again. The pleasure of possessing their own comfortable house has delighted them. They are overjoyed to sleep in their own room. They don’t want to remember the nightmare where they couldn’t sleep in the broken house and had to spent the whole night in the ghumti where only half of them could sleep at a time and half had to remain awake. Rina is very happy seeing all these remarkable changes in her life. She says everyone that this day came into her life only because of JBS and will always remain indebted towards the organization. The people in her community and neighborhood appreciate this change and tirelessly talk about the significant change seen in their lives.


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Maiya Rai: A Case Study

Case Studies

I was born in a small low-level family in hilly area of East Nepal, Illam. From the age of childhood, I had the habit of serving others. It was exactly on 15th of March 2011 when I got an opportunity to be linked with Jeevan Bikas Microfinance Programme whose vision was itself ‘Poverty Free Nepal’ which came to match with my childhood sentiment.

Since I was born in a hill, I didn’t know to ride a bicycle so I served by walking on foot for two years. Slowly by the help of my friends, I learned how to ride a bicycle. After some time I also learned to ride a motorcycle. This motivated and gave me energy to provide more service to common people without losing any precious time.

As per the rule of the organization, I was transferred to Branch Office Bhadrapur on 14th October 2012. Maiya rai success storyAt that time, due to the pressure of plenty of microfinance organizations there was a riot against microfinance activities. Every people, household, community and society of that place was involved in the movement. Actions like negative advertisement about microfinance activities, meetings and so on were organized against microfinance at various places. The situation was beyond control and it looked as if the end of microfinance programme has come.

On 16th November 2013, I was promoted as branch manager and it was definitely a challenge to work at this place. There were 11 centers, 57 members and 14 lakh due loan. The conditions of other remaining centers were also not in good condition. At first, I decided to work through the method of teamwork and then explore the problems and challenges confronting us and investigate best possible solution measures for them. After that, we decided to meet the members and guardian face to face who were involved in destroying the microfinance programs as part of our regular meeting programme. Apart from regular face-to-face interaction, reminding about the vision and objective of microfinance activities, listening to their problems, being friendly like a member of their family were part of our programme.

During this course, there were many obstacles like no center meeting taking place, not letting employees to enter the house when asking about the due loan, abusing and scolding the employees and so on. However, without losing hope I went everyday on regular meeting and listened to their every minor problems. Sometimes I even went at their workplace and helped them in their work in order to pull their attention. After some days, some members joined the center meeting program and started saving from Rs. 20 onwards. In course of time, this amount increased to Rs. 100, Rs. 200 and so on. At times during the meeting sessions, I used to discuss about the various ways for uplifting their living standard and economic status. As time passed by their thought also changed and slowly they started paying their installments for their due loan. The other members who were not responding were my next target. I often visited them accompanying those members who didn’t pay their installments at first and now were active members. Sometimes I went on a visit for even 3-4 times a day. I discussed about the difficulties and obstacles they had to face and tried to motivate by sharing the success stories of many such members. By applying a variety of techniques, finally I was able to change their heart. The presence of members initiated to thickening in the centres that were once in very miserable condition and at the verse of collapse. I frequently conversed about the benefits of being associated with the organization. This turned them to be regretful for their past mistakes and give them positive energy to rectify their mistakes.

The joint effort of our team along with the JBS made us successful to collect the entire due loan on June 30, 2014. This was the unforgettable moment of my life. In order to boost the value of the Microfinance Programme I continued the members and guardian meeting every on a regular basis. By applying PWR programme I tried to include the inferior class people who were deprived from the benefits of the programme and worked for advancement of our activities persistently. Overwhelmed by the improvement in the lives of the members associated with our organization, I share their success stories with other members for motivating them. This makes me forget the grief and complexity that we had come through and enjoy the pleasure as a result of the progress of our microfinance programme.

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